The San Diego Clarinet Quintet is one of Southern California’s premiere clarinet ensembles whose members are among San Diego’s musical elite.  Its members have performed with national touring Civic Theater productions, Starlight Opera, Old Globe Theater, internationally renowned chamber music festivals, and have each appeared as a featured soloist.

Programs include music of the masters (Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, Ravel), music with an ethnic influence (Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, klezmer), broadway and film (Porgy and Bess, Harry Potter), jazz (Duke Ellington), ragtime (Scott Joplin), and early jazz (Jelly Roll Morton). Their literature appeals to all ages and musical tastes.  Musical arrangements feature the work of two talented San Diego writers: Charles Ellis-MacLeod and Lynne Harrington-Crick.

Each member of the San Diego Clarinet Quintet believes a professional presentation of high quality literature of mixed genres is paramount! They also enjoy relating to their audiences on a more personal level, adding levity and knowledge through interaction.


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